Solution Therapy for Couples & Families

Dr. Marvin Glassman, LMFT, LMHC
Huntington, NY & Forest Hills, NY

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Family and Couple Therapy - Huntington

When working with couples and families I have a collaborative approach with all of us creating solutions for the issues that couples and families are confronting. These potential solutions are practiced in the session and then implemented at home. I believe that couples and families really have the answers within them, but that they need help in accessing them. We look for the times when they have in fact been successful. Because couples/families are unique, though sharing common features, the help they receive from me is made to fit their singularity.

I try to help them accept the differences in each other, while still holding onto their own individuality. They may not agree with the others point of view, but they can come to realize there may be more than one way to see a situation.

Communication skills are enhanced during the session, and then are practiced at home by the couple and family. I strongly believe that the family represents a powerful force,and given the right direction can heal itself and its members. I believe that children need two viable parents to grow and develop into resilient adults.