Solution Therapy for Couples & Families

Dr. Marvin Glassman, LMFT, LMHC
Huntington, NY & Forest Hills, NY

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How long does a session last?

Answer: Usually about 60 minutes

Q: How often do we need to attend?

A: Coming once a week, particularly initially has been found to be most effective in order to maintain continuity.

Q: How many sessions would we need to attend?

A: It depends upon the complexity of the issues, the strength of the couple’s or family’s desire for change. The length of time for couple and family therapy is usually measured in months rather than years.

Q: How soon can we be seen for an appointment?

A: We can usually set up an appointment within the week.

Q: What if my partner or child does not want to attend therapy? What can I do?

A: Although it is preferable for all concerned to be present in order to work on finding solutions, positive changes can also take place with one partner or the parent present.

Q: My partner has had an affair. Is there any hope for the relationship to survive?

A: Most relationships can be saved and even enhanced if the partners believe that their relationship has value. Variables to consider are the investment in time, shared emotional life and the children.

Q: We fight a good deal. Wouldn’t it be better for the children if we separated?

A: Research has shown that children do better when the parents live together even under stressful conditions. Exceptions to this are domestic violence, addictive behavior and major emotional disease on the part of one of the parents.

Q: We don’t seem to be able to communicate effectively, and keep going over the same issues. What can we do?

A: During our sessions you will learn how to get your ideas across more effectively and also how to hear what is being said to you more clearly.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: Feel free to either call me or email me.